I operate within traditional talk therapy Ė but with an advanced twist.  Soon I will have finished my MA (Masters of Counselling Psychology) Ė itís been very intensive work, but it means that I have a rich amount of research material at my fingertips to share.  Iím also experienced in the energy therapies EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Techniques).   

Both of these therapies work by stimulating acupressure points through simple touch (which I can teach you from the beginning to use yourself).  Both therapies are very relaxing.  They integrate really well with talk therapy, and wow Ė do they ever work, and fast.  You can feel the stress in your body just dissolve, no matter the source.  Sometimes effects are subtle, but sometimes they can be dramatic Ė youíre in the grips of the issue one minute, and itís gone the next.

About 10 years ago now Ė when I was a journalist in London dealing mostly in psychology and health issues Ė I bumped into EFT.  I thought it was absurd, ridiculous, impossible Ė that is, until I tried it out on myself!  Since then Iíve been my greatest guinea-pig, and working by myself and with my own therapist I have successfully dealt with my own health issues, major life transitions, and cleared the emotional baggage of typical and not-so-typical life traumas.  EFT is pretty mainstream in the UK, where I trained Ė itís available on the National Health Service.  And now that I have trained in classical talk therapies, I am grateful to possess scientific and solid academic knowledge to share.

We are so lucky to live in an age when the perception and practice of therapy has altered dramatically. If we realize something in our lives isnít working, we donít have to feel powerless.  Learning from the wisdom of the great psychologists, added together with solid scientific research, blended with the gentle arts of EFT and TAT, and working with a supportive guide, we can easily and gracefully shift old patterns without having to go over them again and again Ė with remarkable speed.  We donít need to suffer; we donít need to commit to years of expensive analysis.  And we donít need to look back on our lives and think, Ďwhat ifí?  We can just let the light into our lives, find peace, and live.

Itís important to say:  itís your life.  Therapy is all about you.  And youíre amazing!

Here are some of the issues I can help with:

Depression Anxiety Stress
Trauma PTSD Relationship Issues
Decision Making Career Guidance Allergies
Addiction Physical Pain Limiting Beliefs
Unhelpful Habits OCD Insomnia
Phobias of all kinds Childhood Issues ADHD
Bereavement At-home Techniques to help you deal with stress

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