A warm hello to you, and welcome to my site!

The decision to seek therapy is a very courageous one – an enormous investment in yourself with far-reaching consequences.  It’s critically important that you find a therapist who’s right for you, and works in a way that is truly for your benefit regardless of any pet therapeutic theories or cookie-cutter protocols.

But first:  Does therapy work?  Yes yes it does.  There is a huge amount of solid evidence that a good relationship with the right therapist can literally change your life for the better, forever.  Sound evidence is also mounting that the energy therapies I use contribute to the fast, easy, painless release of all sorts of ‘baggage’, and when that happens, the positive things that can occur never fail to amaze me.

Whether you are interested in ‘emotional first aid’ or longer-term exploration, I am here to help.  I absolutely adore what I do.  Why wouldn’t I?  There is nothing more gratifying than to see the smiles, relaxation and peace radiating from clients after sessions.

Please contact me for a no-strings chat to see what we can do together – I am confident that I can help with a wide variety of issues.  I live in downtown Toronto and Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, and work in person, on the phone or on Skype (Skype works great!).


Laura Merton                                            819.430.6698                        laura@lauramerton.com